Papers, Please
Name Submission

Papers, Please is done. Over 27,000 names were submitted. I manually checked 5,664 of these (randomly drawn from the whole pool) and selected 2,705 (around 10% of the total) to be included in the game.

Many of the selected names had to be modified slightly to fit the theme, available space, or naming conventions. I did my best to exclude obvious joke names and especially copyrighted names. If you play the game and see a name that you know to be from an existing copyrighted character, please let me know on twitter @dukope. The best joke name was "Schitz Popinoff".

Find Out if Your Name Was Included

To find out if your name was included, revisit the original name submission link that was emailed to you.

From: Papers Please Names
Subject: Papers Please - Name Submission
Papers, Please
A Dystopian Document Thriller
Immigrant Name Submission
Please visit this link to fill in your name:
You can re-visit this link to update or change the submitted name
before the game is finalized for release.
Your email address is only used to verify the name submission and
isn't shared with anyone else or used for any other purpose.

If You Lost the Email

I didn't store the original email addresses for privacy reasons and I don't want to put this list of names on the internet for anyone to view. If you've lost the the original email then there's no other way to check besides playing the game.

In-Game Usage

In the game itself, names are shuffled and displayed one after another without repeats. During gameplay, it will run through all 2,705 names before shuffling again and starting over. One entire playthrough uses only a small percentage of the total but if you play long enough and your name was included, it should come up.